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UK & Ireland Operations

Miguel B. Macias founded MPC EXECUTIVE SEARCH SERVICES LTD. in 1999 to expand and continue to leverage his international consultancy experiences in the professionally demanding and sophisticated Executive Search/Head-hunting industry.

"Our previous network was recognised for providing executive search solutions for professionals and organisations worldwide and, from the early 1960s, credited by a few of the “seasoned guard” as being instrumental in the direction of “client paid recruitment services”. Our services are the professional application of ethical and time proven methodology and systems, which consistently deliver the result. By operating offices in the USA, UK/Ireland and mainland Europe, the direct reach to local markets and the vast relationships we maintain are exactly what set us apart and provide our Clients and Candidates with the reach, local, national and global, which is of the highest standard levels attainable worldwide."


Who we are

We are a multi-national & multi-lingual, highly effective, highly specialised, boutique styled organisation that, by utilising the latest proven techniques in direct search and pro-active recruitment, bring exceptional results to clients within clearly defined and shortened time lines. Our services can be fully managed single based and/or fully managed multiple solutions. National & International experience of the Executive Search and Recruitment industry culture from the early 1990s, has provided the framework and backdrop for our Product Services Range.

Our proven, direct, and confidential Executive Search methodology is the key. We effectively specialise in the Permanent Career Placement of technical, scientific, development, engineering, regulatory affairs, quality assurance, manufacturing, supply chain, human resources, finance, IT, all operational support professionals as well as sales/marketing, clinical and product managers. We offer various solution options enabling us to recruit levels ranging from the executive leadership management ranks down through the specialist skill ranks for the national and international regulated Medical Technologies, Devices and related Diagnostics, Therapeutic, Pharmaceutical and Biotech Industries.

We have partners and associates capable of facilitating cross border, cross Atlantic, seamless solutions in the United Kingdom & Ireland, USA/the Western Hemisphere and mainland Europe.

On request, we are also able to offer customised Training in search systems, processes, and applications both at desk level, and operational management level.

What we can do for you

We listen to the needs of each individual professional, seeking to understand your needs and personal circumstances.

Together, we consult solutions, which bring the parties together to deliver the desired objective. Thereafter, we continue to provide value in order to nourish our long term and lasting professional relationships.

MPC is dedicated to providing clients with "Certainty Of Outcome".