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US Operations

Having re-opened US operations in 2008 and now located in the beauty and open spaces of the North Georgia mountains, MPC LLC. provides services to Clients and Candidates across the domestic United States and the neighboring countries.
Our services standards will remain unchanged and we will continue to provide the level of professionalism already enjoyed by our elite clientele of leading high pedigree companies and equally talented professionals.

It is MPC's commitment to you, that by prioritising and being sensitive to the unique needs of our clients and candidates, that by incorporating the ever changing face of technology into our everyday process, we can broker the best partnerships, in, fast and pre-agreed-to time scales.

Maintain the advantage, and demand the highest standard of service and results from those you choose to partner with.

Experience " Certainty of Outcome "

Executive Search has evolved, and so have we.
Welcome to our Center of Excellence.