• Mike, the relationship commenced on the back of a recommendation from one of my senior executives who was a potential headhunt target. This recommendation in itself was worthy of follow up as he was totally impressed by how he was dealt with and felt that you gave him very balanced advice. I am aware that this individual has subsequently referred to you for advice as he moved around the J&J Corporation.

    From this beginning you undertook a range of assignments in engineering, manufacturing and quality management positions in our Swiss facility. This was essentially a start up situation and you will recall that there were some sensitivities from local J&J support around partnering with a UK based company. Their view was that it would have been more appropriate to use an organisation with a Swiss base. We took the view however that as a global Company we were sourcing from an international market and that in depth understanding of our industry along with good process and international pedigree was most important. This decision proved to be absolutely correct and the candidates were in post ahead of original timelines and have subsequently shown themselves to be high potential. This whole assignment was project managed as well as I have ever seen a task of this magnitude being undertaken and the whole process was greatly assisted by the 24 hour a day availability of your self and the major players from MPC.

    This Swiss experience showed MPC to be excellent in terms of taking assignment to placement in a timely and high quality manner, a claim made by too many in the recruitment industry but actually achieved by an elite few. More than this however the added value that you brought to that was in challenging some of our business assumptions particularly around organisational design. Whilst we may have not always agreed I believe that those challenges were invaluable.

    Subsequently MPC has undertaken other assignments in Switzerland and UK. This includes a current assignment in Research and Development in a technology, which is a key part in our future growth strategy. Again the market awareness has been displayed along with in depth and transparent research. We recognise this as being a difficult assignment but the tenacity and drive that MPC displays in assignments means that we are confident of success.

    The approach adopted by MPC engages potential candidates and the level of frankness and honesty in managing those individuals makes very much a seamless service from J&J to MPC. This gives us as an organisation confidence that you are managing candidates in line with our values as well as coming up with the result of delivering high performance and potential talent. It is a real pleasure to work with you and your organisation.

    Tim Rosbrook - HR Director - Ethicon/UK & EMEA
  • Dominik, I feel it as my duty and my pleasure to express to you our appreciation for the outstanding services during the recruitment of the latest employees to ENDOSENSE. Both the international function and the office based functions have been filled with the right candidates in a very short time frame. You understood our needs, and your immediate reaction and follow-up has assured the continuity of the related department at a moment that was crucial for ENDOSENSE. We are very grateful for the proposal of several high quality candidates in such a short time, and to help us bringing the right candidate on board in the shortest possible time. We have very much appreciated your close follow up and the supplemental services, not to speak about the supplemental hours ! We are looking forward to a continued fruitful cooperation.

    Hendrik Lambert, PhD./Director Clinical Affairs/ENDOSENSE SA
  • I would recommend MPC Global to anyone. Without exception, Mike and his team have asked all the right questions in taking the most thorough assignment brief, Mike always produces a candidate slate that is perfectly aligned to the brief and candidate profile. Mike manages the offer process well and understands the dynamics and psychology of candidates and employers at this crucial time. I am most impressed with Mike's ability to go beyond familiar boundaries to find a diverse slate of candidates to match the requirements of the search.

    Mike Macias, the founder and working President, is a rigorous, disciplined leader with an extremely high level of tenacity and competitive drive.