Talent Service Solutions

In the talent market, who and how your company is represented, matters and is of the highest consequence to you.

Our Talent Service Solutions
You have a need. You define the need. By understanding the intricacy of technology and being able to effectively navigate the desired talent market, we next fashion an enticing and efficacious hiring narrative that makes our firm so successful. Not only do we take pride in you achieving your target, we know in advance that who and how your company is represented, in the talent market, matters and is of the highest consequence to you.

Certainty of Outcome
Since 1999, we have been trusted thousands of times and delivered on every occasion. We succeed. We deliver. It's that simple.

Our reach capability is limitless
Some talent needs are more challenging than others. Other talent needs are more confidential and sophisticated than others. At MPC, the more complex the better. Our proprietary techniques and selectively chosen and time-tested tools, insure we conquer and deliver.

We tailor our solutions to suit
Not all talent needs are equal. Not all companies are identical. MPC has excelled at permanent search, for decades. Traditionally or non-traditionally, our expertise is matched to your company. From transactional solutions to having a talent-on-demand resource able to respond exclusively while enhancing the value-added proposition. You aim. We do the rest.