Who We Are

MPC is the Trusted Global Partner for Top Critical Talent Acquisition in Medical Device and MedTech industries.

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Medical Devices — Biotech — Life Science

Start-ups — Growth — Transformation & Change — Maturity

Atlanta (north) GA - The Americas Market
Charlotte, NC - The Americas Market
Herisau (Zürich East), Switzerland - Europe, UK & Ireland

Areas of Focus
Talent Acquisition — Talent Access / Project Management / Business Consulting / Career Consulting / Strategic Development

What we do

MPC Global's expertise is bulding collaborative partnerships with Medical Technology companies from start-up to leading multi-national players. We roadmap and execute solutions that deliver the Company's defined critical talent needs. Building-out cross-functional teams at all levels, from earliest stage developmental through commercial stages succesfully, earns MPC the reputation as the dependable 'go to' choice for our clients' talent acquisition and talent access needs, where ever that need exists.

We Build Teams.
People make teams Successful.
Successful teams are essential for Successful Companies.

Cross-functional. Multi-level. Every position.

MPC is the "go to" choice for talent acquisition/talent access across the Medical Device & Technology world. There is no position, within any company, that MPC cannot deliver successfully. We strive to offer you "certainty of outcome" and facilitate you the freedom to build your organization without limitation.

Full 360-degree spectrum of positional organizational hiring (no limitations), every level (individual contributor to C-suite), early-stage development through commercialization.

By Level

  •  Board Level / C-Level / Executive / Management / Individual Contributor

By Function

  • Operations
  • Manufacturing
  • Engineering
  • Quality
  • Regulatory
  • Supply Chain
  • Human Resources
  • Sales & Marketing
  • Program Management
  • Clinical
  • R&D
  • Medical
  • Education & Training
  • Business Development
  • Finance
  • Reimbursement
  • Field Service & Support

How we do it

Our value-driven, time-tested methodology and comprehensively linear approach, focuses exclusively on the delicate proactive acquisition and retention of the top 5% representing their specific area of specialization based on your expressed criteria.

Talent Acquisition - how it's done:
MPC's full-service recruitment process is a multi-step, value-driven, time-tested methodology and comprehensively linear approach anchoring the MPC-Client partnership. From start (in-take), through the complex realm of talent acquisition/access dynamics, and successful on-boarding of the attracted and selected professional, a MPC client can expect the following:

We listen - what do you need solved?
Professionals are people and people hire professional people to solve specific problems. We understand beyond your "job description". Beginning with the end-in-mind, we help you further define the problem and chart the course to solution in a fully calibrated manner. Having established the critical skills and experiences required, we can now navigate the talent market to surface the professionals who have them.

You are special in your own way -
How your "opportunity" message is delivered and received, in the talent market, is perhaps as important as who hears it. Though a company's product narrative and a company's hiring narrative may be a traditional portal for a "job" to be communicated, MPC will ensure your opportunity is elevated and refined to reach the most discerning professionals through customization and our proprietary techniques.

Certainty of Outcome
With our Medical Device & Technology Executive Search beginning dating back to the early 1990's, we have established a solution provider reputation second to none.

Locations: USA (2), Switzerland & UK
Networks: Worldwide
Languages: English, Spanish, German, French

Geographical focus (not limited to) United States (North & South America), Europe, UK & Ireland

Who we serve

MPC serves the global Medical Device (& Technology), Biotech and Life Science world. Over the years, the community of MPC's global clients has consisted of an extensive who's who including startups, SMEs, and multi-nationals in the MedTech industry as well as Biotech/Life Sciences. There have been others - university laboratories, incubators and the such. Our client products are Class I-III Medical Devices, Biopharmaceuticals, Healthcare Services, Software, Simulation, SaaS platforms and the future products of tomorrow.

MPC Worldwide MedTech Network
We recognize the MedTech community is global, diverse and growing. At MPC, we embrace the fact MedTech innovation ecosystem has no borders and for years, we've brought solutions across the globe. When and where innovation happens, we'll be there to support.