Core Competency

The accelerated pace, of rapidly expanding technologies, has never before presented us the challenges we see today. Understanding and having experienced the past and the present gives us a jump on the future and this is critical for consistent success.

MPC GLOBAL is a discrete and ethical international search, selection and career management company offering and providing high-level people driven solutions. We have already established that who and how your company is represented, in the talent market, matters and is of the highest consequence to you fulfilling your needs and vision. We succeed with the right people.

We advocate and facilitate an objective driven process for decision making. Our linear approach and time-tested methodology highlight 3 Core Areas of Focus.

Industry Segment
What are the products. The process. The technology. Which end-customer is being served? Do you share the passion? Research past performance if this is an existing technology. Consider due diligence on forecasted relevance over coming years. Is this the “sharp end”? Compare and contrast with other industry segments and consider how this will support and influence your career goals and ambitions.

Culture & Leadership
The daily relationship dynamic is critical to success and sustainability. Who are the team around you beyond who you will be working with working with every day? Who can you learn from? Is People Development a company pillar? The people with whom you surround yourself affect your potential. What have you learned about them? Fact: When we surround ourselves with strong, high-achievers with good character, we are more likely to become just like them.

Mission & Vision
Challenge oneself to project the beneficial images to be achieved in the future which act as a source of inspiration. What is the company's mission? Does it provide the heightened sense of purpose linking their values to yours? Can you express an orientation of contribution that helps you point your way to the future? The focus is not "today". Your choice will define your tomorrows. Dare to be a force defined by what you do.